With business roots dating back into the early 1940’s with the creation of m & d transfer. The Dobson family’s venture into the “trailer” business started innocently in 1973. James e. Dobson (Jim) had recently sold the trucking company and needed something to do and someplace to go. A small office building was built on McAllister dr. To house his office and unbeknownst to him Jim Dobson began to “incubate” businesses with his son James B (Jamie) Dobson. Dobson transport, Jim Stevens insurance, Canavan’s appraisals all got their start out of this small building on McAllister Dr.

After a chance meeting from Malcom Barrett of wholesale distributors in Woodstock, NB, one day, promoting the cygnet trailer, Jim, Jamie, Jim Stevens and Ken Chorley agreed to form leisure time sales ltd. And started selling the cygnet lightweight trailer.

After a bumpy start through some tough times and after numerous relocations leisure time sales ltd. Survived and thrived. Many things were tried to manage through the seasonality of the “trailer” business. Mobile wash trucks, “mail” contracts with Canada post and various product lines kept the business moving forward. Leisure time grew when many trailer dealers were closing. It was the relocating of that small office building to Hammond river, Quispamsis in 1977 and under the leadership of Danny Dobson that leisure time got roots and begun its expansion. Danny focused on RV’s and the RV consumer creating one of the first “full service” RV dealerships in Atlantic Canada. Leisure time added a full parts & accessory department, added motorhome and trailer rentals and built a repair facility that was the talk of the town and the industry. Derek came into the business full time in 1983 and the business continued to grow allowing the brothers to branch out into the auto industry in 1989 by purchasing the local dodge Chrysler dealership. Thus, began the foundation of the “Dobson group”.

David Dobson came back into the business in 1991 and the brothers expanded to Fredericton with the formation of RV world and under David’s guidance the business entered housing and land development with Oakhill homes.

The business came full circle in 2017 acquiring the original piece of land on McAllister dr., where it recently completed the construction of a brand-new Kia dealership.

Today the group has 8 dealerships and over 150 employees as well is excited to be welcoming the third generation of customers and employees.

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